People said the glory days of  “Be the president or else a advertising guy” had already past, I believed the transformation definitely took place along the way with its history progress. It’s hard to deny that digital projects might be more intriguing and edgy, however traditional core and spirit of advertisement are the foundation of them all. As one of the young creative in the industry, I found the path from insight to strategy to concept to creative might be a tough way to go, however I also found it might be the quickest way to make some changes to people’s life. Compare to having fun, to influence and gather people; to create a topic, and make point; more importantly, to challenge the preconceptions and reach the new consensus are the drive for me to get up and do better each and every day in this industry I devoted myself to.

Daily work on print materials is the most basic job that every creative will encounter. Print material is required so that people in charge will have to have a deep level of understanding of the project cycle, softwares, final art work, materials, papers, printing technologies, etc. I personally find it fun to stick to basic things sometimes, even if advertising is all about ideas.

GS Leaflet 2016