Advertising blankets the world with peculiar strategies and ways of communication based on different regions. However, they are now being streamlined via global transformation. Through the developing of new technologies, shifting of mainstream consumers and changing lifestyles, boundaries between the advertising industry and other creative disciplines are becoming increasingly blurred. Instead of focusing solely on traditional means of getting the message across, such as television commercials and outdoor media, corporations now put more effort in engaging with consumers through digital information technologies. The interactive experiences of advertising, marketing and communication which rely on information technologies have undeniably brought more possibilities to the industry. However, a business cannot simply choose to use either traditional advertisement or digital production: To survive, businesses must now use both. 

Lexus LX + The Martian Online Campaign Posters

Lexus LX + The Martian Online Campaign Counting Down POSM

ES Museum (Wechat Interactive Campaign)

This digital campaign was launched on China’s most popular instant messaging app – Wechat – aiming to engage with the target audience and promote the Lexus ES. We chose the game clearance form for this digital campaign, inserting the selling points and hybrid nature of the car into each level. ES Museum engages with consumers in a relatively interesting way, with the ultimate goal being promotion. In the last part of this campaign, incentives were used to encourage consumers to participate in the non-mandatory lottery of Lexus, track the conversion rate, and collect potential customers' information for future reference.

Overall, compared to traditional advertisement, digital campaigns take place faster and have a much shorter life. These campaigns require creative indivisuals to be highly attuned to current hot topics and to have the ability to respond to them extremely rapidly.