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Ab Inbev’s annual smart drinking campaign in China was launched through one of the top brand – Harbin Beer this year. The communication objective is to change behavior among a growing number of legal drinking age (LDA) drivers so that they make smarter choices when drinking and driving. Deliverables for campaign above the line are the extendable creative idea along with a buzz-worthy television commercial, a key visual; as well for integrated marketing communication(IMC), the disruptive digital activations and the offline events.


Congratulations! You are 18 years old now! The future of infinite possibilities that you have not yer experienced are now opening their arms to you. You might be about to start your first road-trip with friends. You might be going to have the wonderful romantic relationship, even more than one time. You might take part in lots of wild parties, drink a lot, and meet those interesting people that you were always wanted to. You might also work hard on your studies and finally travel abroad to pursuit your the prestigious institutions dream. You might become a captain or entrepreneur one day. Or who knows ? Maybe you are going to end up as a super star.

With all the infinite possibilities yet to come for you at age of 18, the least that you might hope is carelessly to lost the them all on the road to the choice of drunk-driving when you just started your fabulous life journey. Hold it tide. Let’s HAPI together, and don’t drunk drive.

恭喜你!今年满18岁了!无限可能的未来正向你张开双臂。你可能马上要开始你的第一次自驾旅行;你可能会拥有很棒的恋情,而且不只一段;你可能会参加很多疯狂的派对 喝很多的酒 遇见很有意思的朋友; 你也可能努力读书 考取梦想中的海外名校; 有一天 你也许会成为一名机长 或者开创自己的事业。谁知道呢? 也许你会变成一个大明星… 18岁的你 带着无限可能向未来启程, 你绝不希望一出发就因一次酒驾 把属于你的未来丢在路上。18岁的未来 小心遗失,不酒驾,未来一起哈啤。